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EP Product - RC-Starter Kit

EP Product - RC-Starter Kit

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The 20-piece battery accessory set from EP Product
2-3 Tage

Starter Kit for the pilots of all kinds of RC models.

The EP RC-Starter Kit is perfectly suited for newcomer RC-Pilots and for those who like to relaunch their forgotten hobby. The EP Product RC-Starter Kit provides in a single box a rich set of useful lose items, used with the current accumulator technology that usually require arduous searching and shopping from different suppliers.

The aim of the EP-Starter Kit is to allow the user a smooth start and to use his model immediately without frustrating setback. The EP RC-Starter Kit includes all important and necessary accessories that are required with LiPo battery technology, supporting a safe and bright start into this hobby. As first item there is the the popular EP Safety Technology Bag – „LiPo Pocket“ for optimal protection, safe charging, storing and transportation. The EP Digital Battery Checker&Alarm permits continuous monitoring before, while and after the sortie, well supported by the Sub-Voltage detection and alarming function for batteries in the range from 2 to 8 cells. Two differently sized sets of hook-loop tape enable the secure installation of batteries and other items inside and around the model. Also included is a self-adhesive anti-slip mat avoiding slip of parts and two anti-shock controller mounting pads for the installation of sensitive components as RC-receivers and servos. Two Balancer Lead Protector Clips are enclosed to ease balancer connector handling for 2, 3 and 4S batteries. The EP RC-Starter Kit assures an immediate and flawless step-in.

All these little, handsome accesories are specified on the enclosed user guide and can be re-ordered at your EP Product Distributor.

Set content:

1 pcs EP-02-9016 EP LiPo Pocket
5 pcs EP-02-9001 EP Battery Charge Status Marker
1 pcs EP-09-0084 EP Digital Battery Checker&Alarm
2 pcs EP-02-9013 EP Battery Attachment Pad size (S)
2 pcs EP-02-9014 EP Battery Attachment Pad size (M)
1 pcs EP-09-5034 EP Battery Anti-slip Mat
2 pcs EP-09-5030 EP Controller Mounting Pad
2 pcs EP-02-9007 EP 2S Balance Lead Protector Clip JST-XH
2 pcs EP-02-9003 EP 3S Balance Lead Protector Clip JST-XH
2 pcs EP-02-9004 EP 4S Balance Lead Protector Clip JST-XH

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EP Product all in One - RC Starterkit

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