EP BluePower - 2S 7.4V 1250mAh 30C 37A (XT60)_12356

EP BluePower - 2S 7.4V 1250mAh 30C 37.5A (XT60)

EP BluePower - 2S 7.4V 1250mAh 30C 37.5A (XT60)


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High Efficiency Lithium Batteries
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EP BluePower – High efficiency Lithium Batteries

EP Product BluePower Batteries win over by top efficiency, quality, performance and minimal weight. Furhermore long lifetime and safety ar focused properties. They have been created for pilots with very high expectations. They form a new state oft he art by application of newest technology and high standard materials. Continuous monitoring and development by EP Product sustain ongoing satisfaction of highest quality standards. EP BluePower Lithium Batteries are hightech products, among the model, motor and electronic speed controllers they make part oft he most important components supporting any successful engagement. The declared C-Rate compares to the „continuous discharge rate“ and ist the minimum requirement. This makes BluePower being a transparent and confident series of batteries for exigent users. These minimum requirements are guaranteed and counted as basis of distinction from other products. BluePower sells no C-rates, but a top product. EP BluePower is better then just good, because good is simply not enough. EP BluePower is not just a battery, EP BluePower is a Swiss promise for quality.

Why EP Product batteries make part of the best?
Our promise for quality, supported by EP B.R.A.A.D is presented under: http://www.epproduct.com/braad.html

Specifications :
Configuration: 2s1p
Voltage: 7.4V
Capacity: 1250mAh
Continuous discharge rate: 30C
Continuous discharge: 37A
Short-term discharge: maximum 60C
Short-term discharge current: max 75,0A
Recommended charge rate / power: 1C (1.25A)
Maximum charge rate / power: 2C (2.5A) *
Weight: 71g
Dimensions: 10.6x35x100mm
Plug Type: XT60
Balancer connector: XH connector
Cable: high current silicon cable

* Recommended charge rate 1C for maximum durability

EAN Code: 7613081029391

EP Product is official partner of INOBAT. This partnership highlights the responsability, that EP stresses for proper and adequate recyling.

1. why battery recycling? Anyone collecting used batteries fort he purpose of proper recycling contributes to the safeguard of valuable ressources and protects the ambient from toxic heavy metals.

2. Batteries will be recycled at no cost! The sales price includes the advanced recycling fee (VEG), this fee is financing the entire recycling process. This means that used batteries are recyleable.
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